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You are invited to peruse the articles posted below that are a compilation of analytical pieces, opinions & commentaries on matters related to Personal Taxation & Finance. These articles, written by our team of specialists in an easy-to-read manner, particularly for the benefit of lay readers, are posted at regular intervals.

How to be prepared for a tax query in case of Property Sale

With property prices hitting new highs, encashing the hidden value may be the first thought in minds of many.

What to do when you receive section 154 Notice

Section 154 notice under the Income Tax Act is nothing but the rectification order issued by the tax departmen...

How to submit a request for resending 143(1) Intimation

In case you have misplaced the statement of processing of your ITR {143(1) intimation} or have not received it...

Is it better to pay TDS or advance tax?

Salaried individuals having other sources of income viz., Interest Income, Income from Let-Out Property, Capit...

Cost Inflation Index (CII) & how it impacts your Capital Gains Tax

Inflation typically is the rise in the general level of price of goods & services over a period of time...