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Income Tax Calculator

  • Step 1: Complete your basic details

  • Assessment Year
    Tax Payer
    Residential Status
  • Step 2: Complete your income details

    • Income from Salary
    • Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
    • Agricultural Income
  • Step 3: Complete your investment details

    • Medi-claim premium (u/s 80D)
    • Donations (u/s 80G)
    • Deduction for maintenance / medical treatment of dependent (u/s 80DD)
    • Interest on loan for higher education (u/s 80E)
    • Interest on loan taken for Residential House (u/s 80EE)
    • Deduction in case of a person with disability (u/s 80U)
    • Interest on deposits in saving account (u/s 80TTA)
    • Any other deductions
    • Total Eligible Deduction
Taxable Income
Income Liable to Tax at Normal Rate  
Short Term Capital Gains (Covered u/s 111A) (15%)  
Long Term Capital Gains (Charged to tax @ 20%)  
Long Term Capital Gains (Charged to tax @ 10%)  
Winnings from Lottery, Crossword Puzzles, etc. (30%)  
Income Tax Payable
Education Cess @ 2%
Secondary and Higher Education Cess @ 1%
Total Tax Liability