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You are invited to peruse the articles posted below that are a compilation of analytical pieces, opinions & commentaries on matters related to Personal Taxation & Finance. These articles, written by our team of specialists in an easy-to-read manner, particularly for the benefit of lay readers, are posted at regular intervals.

Income Tax – Get to Know it Better : PART 2

Income Tax is a levy on income earned in India by anybody during a financial year.

IPL and the Taxman

IPL-7 is finally over. The cheers have been replaced by silence.

Income Tax – Get to Know it Better : PART 1

Income Tax. The mere utterance of this word evokes dread and distaste in most individuals.

Why should you file your tax returns

All of us know that July 31 is the last date for filing your tax returns.Yet, some of us omit to file tax retu...

Make your Tax Filing Process a breeze

We’re in April now. Time to worry about the searing heat. Also, time to worry about the filing of one’s income...