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We have compiled all income tax forms relevant to you and presented these along with a brief note on the purpose of the form. Also, formats of generally used documents such as ‘Rent / Lease Agreement’, ‘Gift Deed’, ‘Partnership Deed’ etc have been made available to you here. So go ahead and start using the forms / formats relevant to you.

Form 49A

Application form for obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN). For Citizen of India.

PAN Correction Form

Application form to be used in case you have a PAN but no card or you need to incorporate some changes / corrections in the PAN Card.

ITNS 280

The challan used for depositing / payment of your advance tax, Self Assessment Tax, Tax on Regular Assessment etc. with authorized banks.

ITNS 281

The challan used for depositing / payment of Tax Deducted / collected at source.

ITNS 282

The challan used for depositing / payment of other sundry taxes such as Wealth Tax, Gift Tax, Estate Duty etc.

ITNS 283

The challan used for depositing / payment of Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT).

Form 15H

Declaration made by Senior Citizen to claim certain receipts (such as bank interest etc) without Tax Deduction at Source (TDS).

Form 15G

Declaration made by an individual to claim receipt of dividend without Tax Deduction at Source (TDS).

Rent/Lease Agreement

This format is ideal for salaried employee, claiming HRA deduction and staying in a rented premise. You could use the template as it is by filling up the blank fields or modify the same as per your need.

Gift Deed

When you make any gift to any friend or relative, it would be advisable to document such gift. You could use this simple format to record the gift.

Partnership Deed

In case you are looking at entering into a partnership to carry out certain venture, you could use this as initial documentation process to record the partnership and the terms of the partnership.

Loan Confirmation Certificate

This loan confirmation certificate is to be taken by a person accepting an unsecured loan from any person. The certificate has to be signed by the person giving the loan so as to confirm that the contents of the certificate are correct. Also, this format is generally used by the Income Tax Department (ITD) for obtaining confirmation from the lender of the loan.

Form 60

Form of declaration to be filed by a person who does not have a permanent account number.

Form 49AA

 Application form for obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN). For Individuals not being a citizen of India.

Form 13

 Application for lower tax deduction.