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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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About Us

Our History

relaxwithtax™ (RwT) was launched in 2002 by a Mumbai-based group of seasoned Chartered Accountants to offer end-to-end Personal Tax & Finance solutions.

RwT had its genesis in its promoters' lengthy experience of nearly two decades in the Indian personal taxation domain as service providers which threw up the following observations –

  • Personal tax, in India, is popularly perceived to be all about filing of returns only & nothing more.
  • Common individuals find personal tax provisions to be too complex for their comfort & understanding and consider taxation to be an unavoidable nuisance element in their lives.
  • Service providers are mainly individuals or partnership firms limited by scale & geography.
  • Absence of a service brand & of a large, dominant service provider.
  • Tax advisory is a premium service largely reserved for distinguished clients only & rendered mainly on a reactive basis only.
  • The personal tax & personal finance domains are commonly perceived to be overlapping.

A vast, steadily expanding universe of tax citizens juxtaposed with the absence of a suitably large, reliable source capable of educating & servicing tax users across locations prompted the roll out of RwT by its promoters as a pioneering, service brand for the Indian personal tax domain - a brand that would reach out to the masses & help them to improve tax awareness, a brand that would create user-friendly solutions, a brand that would use technology for delivery of its solutions, a brand that would be nurtured to become the dominant player in the domain.